If you have considered all of your options, and litigation is inevitable, make Wesley, Clark & Peshkin your first call. All the attorneys at WCP are seasoned trial lawyers with countless hours in the courtroom, fighting for clients and their families. Our trial team has the experience you need to successfully navigate a contentious divorce and the volatility of traditional courtroom proceedings.

In traditional litigation, a judge will decide how to divide assets/debts and where and with whom the children will reside, if you can’t come to an agreement. Litigation includes filing papers with the court as well as court appearances where an attorney will be assigned to represent children (under 18). This can be a hidden cost because in supreme court (where divorce proceedings are heard) the parties pay for their dependents’ lawyers, depositions and ultimately a trial.

Having Wesley, Clark & Peshkin on your side is critical. We handle more than 500 cases a year and are familiar with every situation or circumstance that might arise. WCP is extremely well suited to represent you and your interests. When you work with WCP, you’re engaging with an entire network of legal professionals, each of whom brings a unique perspective to your situation. WCP provides individual attention to each client, so not only will you receive personalized counsel, but a lasting relationship with the Wesley Clark & Peshkin team. Wesley Clark and Peshkin offers divorce and family law services in the Albany, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse markets.

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