About Us: Wesley Clark & Peshkin

About Us: Wesley Clark & Peshkin

The Formation of Wesley Clark & Peshkin

Wesley Clark & Peshkin began with a common vision: to provide quality legal representation to individuals considering divorce and facing issues in family law. Converging from different sectors of law practice, Sarah Wesley, Kevin Clark, and Amber Peshkin formed a results-driven law firm with a focus on matrimonial and family law. Inspired by our own upbringings and our families, we strive to provide effective legal representation that is attainable for people in any emotional or financial situation.

The Wesley Clark & Peshkin Difference

By practicing matrimonial and family law on a daily basis at Wesley Clark & Peshkin, we are able to give our clients the best possible service with a focus on their particular situation. With everyone in the firm concentrating in matrimonial and family law, our team is constantly coming across new ways to problem-solve these types of cases. We are consistently at the forefront of the changes in matrimonial and family law and are always evolving our practice to incorporate creative approaches to cases. Additionally, we are able to offer multiple paths to divorce or resolution of a family law issue by offering representation in traditional litigation, mediation, or collaborative law, depending on which path is right for you and your spouse.

The Wesley Clark & Peshkin Philosophy

At Wesley Clark & Peshkin, helping our clients through one of the most emotional points in their lives is our passion. We take the time to get to know you and your circumstances, so we can be a true ally to you and your family. The most important step towards finalizing your divorce is finding an attorney that you can trust to lead you through the process. As attorneys we not only become your confidant and your guide, but ultimately a friend to lean on during a difficult point in your life. Most importantly, you can trust the team at Wesley Clark & Peshkin to be prepared, professional, and honest.

If you are considering divorce, contact the attorneys at Wesley Clark & Peshkin for your complimentary consultation. No matter your situation, we have an attorney who can be matched to your particular needs.